Monday, May 3, 2010

Smuggling without detection

Santa Singh crosses the border on a motorcycle with four heavy bags. On the checkpost he is stopped by the police and he asks, "Whats in those bags?". Santa replies, "Sand".

Surprised why someone will waste fuel for carrying sand the policeman opens  and empties all the bags and checks and finds nothing but sand. A few days later same thing happens again and the policemen again finds nothing but sand.

This becomes a routine for both and now the policeman does nothing but the mere custom of opening and looking into the bags.

One day the policemen stops Santa and asks him to come inside the post. He offers him a chair and says,"This will remain between me and you, I am being transferred in a week. I know that you are smuggling something across the border, but I am unable to find out what and it drives me crazy. Just tell me what are you taking across."

Santa replies with cute smile, "Motorcycles".

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